Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar is the specialist in hiring homes in The Hague and the surrounding area. Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar leases all types of homes; (On) furnished and upholstered in different price ranges for short or long term.

Renting a house through Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar will save you a lot of work and time! Ms. The Rental Broker is looking for a suitable candidate for your rental property, a time-consuming affair. The visits will be arranged, tenants will be screened, contracts drawn up and an inspection report will be completed at the completion of the house and the key transfer will take place.

Below is a list of 7 steps for renting your property through Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar:

  1. Non-binding appointment with Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar
  2. Recording of the house
  3. Online placement of the property
  4. Visits potential tenant (s)
  5. Draw up and sign rental agreement
  6. Inspection and key transfer
  7. Extra services

Mrs de Verhuurmakelaar will be happy to discuss the rental possibilities of your property!

For more information, please contact us or via the contact form below. Ms. De Verhuurmakelaar will contact you.

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